The N.E. Division Had another great winter outing this year, we teamed up with the S.E. Division. which totaled up to 40 that attended our event. We started the event  with a great meal of chicken & dumplings, & Dennis Faulkner's (Long Knife) famous chili & fixings.


Followed by a time of worship & devotion outside under the stars around a large campfire the speaker was Choctaw after the devotion  Tyler Horton Gave his heart to Jesus he decided to keep his sights in things up above and we congratulate him on his new decision. The rest of Friday night was spent on earning & teaching the archery merit taught by Bob Triphan (Two Forks) & the lashing merit taught by Kevin Levart. The leather crafters were hard at work making small pouches, tomahawk sheaths.   The craft was ramroded by Paul Keys (Guppy) & Chris Gusman. Some others were making moccasins & other various crafts, Joe Levart made fresh ground coffee & beeswax candles. Dennis & Joe made us a midnight snack 14 dozen of the finest cookies you have ever tasted when it was said &done on Fri. night it was 1:30 .am.


Sat. morning started with a hardy breakfast of biscuits & gravy followed by the devotion presented by Eric Mason the the rest of the day was spent on finishing the merits. We had a conservation agent Conrad Mallady which went over the proper use & safety of the bow He set us up atop notch archery lane in our gym.
Doug Laut  (Hoot) & Wes Young (Crazy Bone) set up a skeet range this was the highlight for many of the boys during the event it was a blast (ha ha)

After lunch we finished all the tasks. Oh I almost forgot we had a silent auction & raised $190.00 for missions.

We had a great time.

See you at the commanders conference.

May Gods grace be upon you
Ted King


I found out even though they did not come forward that 3 other boys asked Jesus into their hearts. Along with Tyler , Collin Tedford, Zack Tedford, and James Hance told their commander Wes Young on wed. night That they made the decision to know Christ. This makes all the work to put on a event like this worth it.

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