July 26th, 2015.  8 hours of work got us to this point. Most of this boat was assembled by me a couple of hours at a time.  The main sheets and ribs were made and cut out by the boys on Sunday night.  5 days later the boat took this form.  The sheet of card board is 15 ' 2"  by 6'  5"  it's  one and a half times the thickness of regular cardboard.

No wood or screws remain in this boat. It's all cardboard, glue and paint.  Click on a picture for a larger view. 

 Cardboard Boat Design Tips   Plans for this boat is at this link.

You need pressure and weight for a strong joint

Discarded marble counter tops are great weights

Ribs and 3" wide flaps make good joints

Temporay supports to hold the boat in shape while glueing

I used old fence boards and the deck screwes for clamping

these deck screws are the best 2 threads pull joint tight get square headed instead of phillips to keep them from stripping out

Keep weight on all the glueing surfaces for 20 minutes.

Anything works for weight. Flat surfaces are best

These are 3" jig boards that match the ribs in lenght and width plus they are 3" wide to mark the flaps.

All the tools you need to make a good boat not showing the weights

It's neater if you can squeeze glue out of a bottle. On big flat surfaces I just pour it from the bottle. besure to thin the glue

This little red tool is handy for making cuts.

The square head screws and cordless drill and the 2 chipboards on each side of the cardboard make the best clamping system I have found.

This stack was 4 feet tall... Many years of fun!

Added another rib in the front and back section

Harbor Freight will have these on sale for about a buck a piece. Buy 25 at a time. Very handy

Glueing on the top deck will cut holes out in a few.

Besure to remember where the ribs are I measured from the back of the boat.

Weight slides down hill so added some screws to hold the weights from sliding down. This is a closed in part and no chipboard could be used on this.

Placing it on the side and first glueing the side that is on the bottom added weights then did the same on the upper side.

Need lots of weights. Landscaping step stones will work as well.

Flaps must over lap the joints

I put down 4 sheets of card board as a work surface and use them for the boat launch at the lake and to cover the card board for the return burn pile.

Don't leave the weight on over night. It could mash your boat or cause it to sag.

 Cardboard Boat Design Tips