With a 12 volt battery and some ice you can have some personal airconditioning.

Just fill up the watercooler with ice and just enough water to prime the bulge pump and plug in all in and you can have cool air blowing on you for 2 to 3 hours.  I am still refining it but it works pretty good.  Just in time for Camporama!


Commercial units that do this same thing run about $600.00.

I like this setup and it can be built in a few evenings and it will cost under $100.00

The picture center shows the 12volt computer type fan.  Using this fan it will cool for 3 hours but you have to be right next to the fan to get any comfort from it inches.  The picture on the right has a 12 volt accessory fan tywrapped  to the back side.  It and the fan running on the front side will make you cold if it is sitting next to you or your cot.  This will run about 2 hours.  More refinements are in the works.  The black case is a oil changing pan found at walmart... I looked high and low for the perfect case and this is indeed a perfect case for the heater core.  Now that I know it works I will refine my hoses and connections and remove some more bulk.  I am very pleased with my first attempt it works!  All parts are from walmart and lowes.

The picture on the left shows the heater core right out of the box with the hoses on it.  Running this wit the ice chest full of ice would cool the cab of  my work truck quickly and I would have to shut it cycle it off and on as it got tooooo cold but it ate the whole cooler of ice in 1 hour.  So I restricted the heater core fins to only allow for the small computer fan and covered the rest of the fins with aluminum tape and then insulated the whole thing except for the fan opening with spray foam.  This heater core fits in a S-10 pickup.  A smaller heater core measuring about 5x5 would be just about perfect for my application.  Blocking off some of the fins and reducing the air flow is the key to getting the right amount of cooling. 

Click here for the latest update and directions on how this system works and a material list.