The FCF SWD held a Winter Outing at Ozark AOG Jan 20th - 21st,2023 Weather had a chance of rain in the forecast for Saturday so shelters were kept in storage. Temps were 38 at council fire time and the Jim Evans hollow log council fire was a real treat in beauty and stature and heat. Once it got to ripping it was NICE!

Folk started showing up at 5:30 p.m. setting up targets and tables and unloading gear. By 6:30 p.m. we were in full crafting mode. Frank Reed and Phillip Steinbach were making pouches and belts and bags and helping others get their projects going. The skills that each FCF member brings to these events is beyond what I can say about it. It's a tool and a key that opens up the imagination and builds relationships that often last for a lifetime.

Justin Fisher kept the men and boys busy with bead work and chokers and had a really cool display that inspires each of us to go the distance and do the best as unto God.

Pat Davis brought in a quick and simple Candle Lanterns kit that he donated to all that wanted to build. Mark Jones brought in drinking cup sized cup kits that took about a hour to build and finish with a coat of bee's wax inside the cup. Many of these cups were given a cool extra finish by torch or stain. I will have to say that Matthew Napier won the best made cup in my humble opinion. He spent extra time shaping and sanding the cup to his liking.
Also with the donation of Steve Copeland and Don Higinbotham good work on putting old windows back into use for lantern panes we were able to make pre finished lantern kits available for bargain of bargains.

I know I will miss some of the crafters as I was busy so a special thanks to the unsung heroes that make these FCF events work.

Joshua Pennekamp our SWD FCF VP organized all this and kept things moving in all directions with fun, food and fellowship.

Richard Michael preached Friday nights council fire service and Rob Batchman preached Saturday mornings devotion. We are so blessed to have these men that share what God has laid on their hearts for us. Services were awesome! Smores after the service outside fired us all up even more.

Breakfast was sausages, eggs and hash browns and sunny D and coffee and milk and apple sauce WE ate really good then taaaa daaa! Ozark men's group smoked up some chickens in the grill outside and feed the 40 in attendance. Along with that was some Chile with hot-dogs in it and what ever we had left over was offered up.

Our National Scout Ryan Evarts spoke to our group on being a Scout and the fun he has had in that.
After that we held nominations and came up with these fine young men for scout nominations!
133 Branson 1st AG Michael Napier
133 Branson 1st AG Matthew Napier
226 Strafford 1st AG Ben Evarts
97 Evangel Temple Landon Reinhard
167 Ozark AOG Logan Fortner
167 Ozark Taylor Fifield
167 Ozark AOG Logan Fifield
167 Ozark AOG Keanan Holbert
271 Abundant Life Eligh Qualls
271 Abundant Life Parker Rogers

After a morning of crafting and fellowship the team cleaned up and all was heading home at 2pm

Click on a picture for a larger view. Special thanks to Rob Batchman and Dan Rockafellow for sharing these pictures.   Zip file of all these pictures.