2008 Wet N' Wild Card Board Boat Regatta and SW Division Royal Ranger Pow Wow

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What beautiful weather leading up into the end of the race.  85 degrees and just perfect.  Early in the dayoutposts showed up and setup camp and the race was laid out and setup.  Most of the day was in the lakewith boys tubing, swimming, boating, kaki king and playing in the water.  Then as evening set in 15 outposts showed up with their "Ready" to camp and have fun.  Friday night was busy with camp setup and anticipation of the "All you can eat Rib dinner for only $4.00" WOW again. It was a feast that was worth the trip.  Then at dark Joel Pingleton started the council fire with a 12 foot race to start the fire. It had a 12 foot long wick that took only a couple of minutes to "Light that fire"  GREAT JOB Joel.  "We were yelling "Wait for it,  Wait for it"

Then Joel's Dad, Pastor, Doctor Jared Pingleton delivered the evening council fire service. 

We all settled in for a night of fellowship and rest under the stars.  Many outposts just pulled up some cardboard and slept outside under the stars. I over heard two boys talking..I have never camped outside before have you?  The Lord blessed us with a perfect weather.

6:30 a.m.  One could hear the typical camp noise as we all arose to the great expectation of the BIG WET N' WILD RACE! Breakfast was different at each camp as this was a time each outpost got together to get some grub up.  We had baggie omelets, other outposts had bacon and eggs and squaw bread with cinnamon sugar all over it...WOW!  Some of us coffee beggars went from camp to camp hunting a coffee pot with perking coffee.

8:00 am  Staff was lined out to help with the RACE.  Parking, Boat Drop off, Heat race lineups, Timers, Computer operators, Announcers, water supervisors, water balloon filling station, salvage and retrieval.  Just to name a few. 

9:00 boats started showing up as the staff got them assigned and registered.

10:10 Council fire and Devotion by Pastor- Dr. Jared Pingleton. 

17 Boats Racing. A couple went twice.  The pictures show it all.  We had a great time. Just before the 2nd from the last race it started to drizzle.  Then it started to rain and it did this for the rest of the afternoon.  We tallying the points, cleaned up the cardboard, water balloons and mess-THEN we gave out the ribbons and trophy's.  Everyone is a winner and if we could we would give everyone a trophy but we can't so we did our best and these are the race results. 


This year all of the gear had to be washed off with a hose as it was a WET N' WILD MUDDY Cardboard Boat Race.  It's still good.  Just a bit more work.  Blessings and Thanks to all of you that invested time and money into this years Pow Wow and Regatta.  It's good to see folk just come out for a great time and not have to worry about the merit driven life.  (Merits are great but they are a tool. Don't forget the Reach, Teach and Keep boys for Christ on the way to the Gold Medal.) 

Mark Jones

Dan Rockafellow Pictures Link.     James Gilpin Pictures Link    Video Link OP 97 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-9sLdXtis0