September 24th, 2016 Float trip from Bradleyville to first bridge down stream.
8 Rangers and friends of Rangers headed out from Ozark at 9:00 am was on the water by 10:20 and returned back to Ozark by 4:50 pm. Temps in the warm side of 90 so the shade was nice. Water was still warm but it was the lowest we have floated it. Only feet. We had to get up and walk the kayaks 6 times when normally you don't drag at all.

Our group of 8 enjoyed the river with a slow float and several breaks along the way. We stopped for about 45 minutes and had a fire craft run. Metal matches we did get a fire going but it was a hard one as most of the materials were damp.

Between the 5 of us fishing we caught some 35 fish. I think Dave Yonke caught the biggest fish. Rob caught the most bass. Oliver and I tied at 10 each for most fish caught. Jackson landed 3.

Saw no snakes. Lots of big fish in that river. You could see them swimming past you. In some areas it was crystal clear other parts it was covered by scattered leaves and murky. We did lots of wading and some swimming and Action Jackson did the Rope Swing. '

We had a fun time. The last part of the river gave us some challenges around tree root balls and rapids that challenged us.

What a blessed day.   Click on a picture for a larger view and "Live the Adventure"!!!!

Mark Jones