Pow Wow "Knights for Christ" crafting event.  Area outposts were invited to come learn!   Leaders, boys and dads joined in on some great crafting.  The group turned out 72 swords and 14 shields in a little under 4.5 hours cleanup included.  It was a great turnout.  Everyone had a hand in making something as we had the boys doing the hands on work.  Each of the boys from our outpost will receive a sword and shield to keep as a trophy for attending the BIG District Pow Wow 2010.

The Lord will send you folk like Lew Allen with skills and a heart to serve to help draw boys and men in to Christ Church through various means.  This day it was making Swords and Shields.  The boys get the trophies at Pow Wow!  Now to paint and make the rest of the costumes. 

It's a blessing when the whole outpost gets behind the vision of Pow Wow and works towards making it the best event of the year. Often to make these events the best we need to as a outpost lay off the merits for a bit and work on event at hand.  The boys and leaders and dads then have ownership in the event and attendance will increase from it.

A special thanks from Outpost 6 to Lewis Allen for making this event happen and a special blessing to the boys and men of outpost 6 for stepping up and enjoying the fun of Pow Wow Crafting!  We are READY for ANYTHING!  We also made 10 cool looking Foam Swords and plan on wooping it up with those.  Nothing like some good safe rough housing to keep boys and men happy!

Expedition and Adventure Rangers finish putting the handles on the shields and then painted swords and shields this evening during Rangers.  72 swords and 54 shields.  Discovery Rangers will come over Wed night and put on the scabbard and paint the handles and start making helmets and costumes.

Click on a picture for a larger view.  Special thanks to Commander Damon for his part in the Foam Swords that will bring action and fun to the event!

We needed a little game time to make Rangers Complete!  So GAME ON DUDE!