Jan 25th and 26th, 2019  Temps Low of 22 high of 45.  SW Division Winter Lockin was held at Bolivar AOG in Bolivar Missouri.  We had 74 in Attendance.  Event ran from 5:30 pm on Friday evening to Saturday 2:30 pm.  CLICK ON A PICTURE FOR A LARGER VIEW!  Special thanks to Rob Batchman, Mark Jones and Ryan Reed for sharing the pictures with us.

A Bunch of FCF work in Action

Terry Hogart preaching to our Fellowship

SWD Assistant Scout Leading and Teaching


Frank Reed (Reed)  and Joshua Pennekamp started the evening out early at about 6:30 with our Speaker Terry Hogart from Convoy of hope.  Terry did a great job.  Bolivar Praise and Worship was very good and we enjoyed this service very much.  Jerry Millhouser (Night Hawk) visited and brought in the many things that District Directors do to keep things working. ​
We started crafting all kinds of things right after the ice-cream and cookies and when you looked around there was all kinds of fire craft going on.  Bow drills, Flint and Steel, Bird nest lessons with handles, Ruger Roll and tinderbox candle lighting and other fire craft things.  ​
At other stations Knives were being ground and leather handles put on them with rivets.  Lantern Kits and candle lanterns.   Another station we saw possible bags being made out of all kinds of materials leather, canvas to name just a couple.  Haversacks, belts, chokers, beadwork and more.  We even sealed up a couple of wooden cups made from previous lock ins with wax.  ​
Ray Reece (Yarrow) handled registration.  Ryan Reed (Pike) handled pictures and praise projections.  I think everyone helped out in many of the stations.  I saw Pat Davis (Plainsman)  assembling lantern kits and helping the men and boys burn on a finish on their lanterns.  Naming names there is another 20 guys that know your appreciated.  Leaders that bring their boys is the highest calling.  Dads that come with their sons and bring along those boys friends.  Wow Discipleship in Action.  ​
Saturday night I opted to sleep in the back of my cargo trailer. YUP it was cold at 22 degrees.  I left the door open and the vent open and slept little... I was warm but always sleep light.  6:30 I was up and folks were stirring.  ​I heard rumors they shut the heat off inside and it got Cold 55 degrees..
Saturday morning biscuit and gravy with sausage breakfast was prepared by the Bolivar Folk and coffee.  Rieder Sprague was detained we missed you Rieder!  Two Forks brought the message and did a great job of it.  We gave out Squirrel Skews to the guys that went on the 32 degree Trek and talked that up a bit.  Other news was talked about and soon we were back over to the Gym crafting once again.   At National Rendezvous our Chapter was number one in the Nation!
Central AOG had the Highest attendance with 14 there with Ozark AOG a close second with 12 attending.  Great job Leaders on stirring the hearts of your outposts and bringing doing the real work of Royal Rangers.  Reaching, Teaching and Keeping folk for Christ.  ​ Living the Adventure!
Day concluded at around 2:30 p.m. and we had once again been blessed by God's people doing what God has called them to do.  YOU are a blessing to others.   I thank God for you.​
Mark Jones, FCF Company Clerk    ZIP file of all these pictures

Pictures by Rob Batchman

Pictures by Mark Jones

Pictures by Ryan Reed