The N.E. Div. had another great & relaxing spring outing we had 14 from the N.E. Div. & 1 from the S.E. Div. a total of 15.
WE had 6 young bucks & 9 old timers over all we had a good showing.
We started with a great meal that was prepared by Hoot (Doug Laut) he made us a stew that not was good tasting but
stuck to your ribs as well. the food & fellowship was fantastic.
Later that evening we heard from the Lord through Crazy Bone (Wes Young) & we were encouraged to keep the faith.
What a time we had when we as Brothers prayed together for strength & healing THE LORD WAS THERE IN AMIGHTY WAY.
As for me it was a spiritual renewing and I thank God for using Wes as his messenger and I thank Wes for being sensitive
to the Holy Spirit.
On Sat. morning each camp prepared there own breakfast the smell of bacon and sausage filled the cool crisp air & you knew
that this was going to be a great day just by the way the day began.
After breakfast we had our devotion led by our know previous Div. asst. scout Eric Mason the Lord used him to deliver the
message to FORGIVE NO MATTER WHAT !!! Eric did a great job .
Next we Had our Div. Business meeting and out of that we voted on our now asst. scout Daniel Tipton also we voted on
the now S.E. Div asst. scout Jason Green. And we congratulate these boys on their hard work and the use of their skills
to advance to there new positions. I know they will do a great job .
After the meeting we began our events hawk & knife throw, flint & steel,Horn blow, black powder shoot,& young buck
outfits.Sorry I cant tell you the winners of each event but each person won at least 1 prise from the blanket thanks to the
generous donations made by the people of the N.E. &S.E. Div. I guess you might say we all came out winners in more ways
than one.
This event was a success & we had a great time.

May Gods Blessings Rest on you
Choctaw (Ted King)