Southern Missouri District Royal Rangers FCF Daniel Boone Chapter Spring Outing and Frontier Adventure!  May 18th, 19th, 20th, 2018.  Held at our District Pow Wow Campground.  78 in attendance.  70 registered at the event.  14 Green Horns went through the  Frontier Adventure 1 ole timer and 13 young bucks. 14 went through the NRA Black Powder Course.

 Woo Whoo what a weather event!  Friday was absolutely perfect weather. Through the night the owls hooted, the coyotes' yelped starts shined brightly and you hardly needed any light.  Saturday morning at 5 am the birds were singing such hi praise it was awesome.  As each group worked towards the completion of their tasks at hand the weather took a turn towards about 2" of rain.  Agendas were changed a bit here and there. Rain will make even the bravest of folk load up and head home early.  Yet we stayed the distance.  We had a great time and enjoyed Frontier Life in a Rich and Christian way!  After a day of doing our best to stay dry our young bucks and ole timers got a good washing and were once again thankful and reminded of things that make life more appreciated.

Welcome our new 2018 FCF Members:   Josh Arendt  Rob Batchman  Kyle Brown  Isaal Deal  Drew Fite  Eathan Gardner  Garrett Koger  John Link  Ross McAdams  Michael Napier  Samuel Obenhaus  Isaac Randolph  Wyatt Randolph  Alex Worthley

Pictures speak more than a 1000 words.  Take a look at these fine folk giving of their time and efforts to Grow God's Kingdom. To help these young and old alike to be the best Church Members.  To be the Best Neighbors. To be the best Witness everywhere they go.  That is the purpose of FCF to GIVE and to SERVE!


Well, It's obvious i waited too long to join this wonderful organization!   I would encourage all men/boys to join FCF as soon as they are eligible to.

I was so impressed with the Christian Fellowship of all the men who serve in fact i don't think i've met a group of friendlier men anywhere else.

I came home with a new belief in the motto of "Giving and Serving".

I loved the fire starting, the hawk and knife throws, and just learning all about the men who carved out our country.

Plus...i LOVE my choker bead necklace!

Rob Batchman


Click on a picture for a Larger View.  Zip File of all these pictures.  List of Attendees at end of Pictures!

Jim Wallen and Two Forks

Our District Scout did a great job on this Council Fire!

Will Goble went Life Time

Dan Rockafellow did Black Powder

Archer and Gilland Team up!

Evan's from Ozark

Wilderness rights!

Yarrow and Little Buffalo

Fire Lighting for Prizes

Green Horns Looking on!

Introducing the Applicants!

Rieder checking out his Fire Craft!

Twiggy filling for FCF President while at Son's Graduation!

Three Torches! Stand for ....

Looking up from where my pillow was.

Treking Diamond Flys

Trek Kit in use!

Joshua Pennekamp SW Div FCF VP!

Company Clerk doing his job!

Smoking Char!

Davis camp!

Action Jackson!

Rob Batchman

Grandpa and Grandson!



Making plans!

Kody Wilderness Member

JR from National Staff!

Jim Wallen told some mighty good stories!

Wll's brand new outfit!

Green Horn Classes

Lot's of instruction and practice!

Company Clerks job is always drinking coffee!

He took most of these pictures!

Green horn Dad just needs his Safety and RB and RE!

Pastor Justin! Making sure these boys get there! Good Job Pastor!

The Frogs have equal volume as these guys do!

Twiggy always does a great job! Make it work!

Love blanket where gifts are given.

Signing in under candle light with a ink quil pen

It's always fun around the fire and in and around camp!

Now that's a chair!

Fish! Kept us dry when it poured!

Pointing right at a Mentor/Green horn Batchman

Teaching Camp Safety

Teaching to Give and to Serve

Teaching Kinfe and Hawk

Giving of Gifts


Event Attendees!  2018

Ryan Archer

Don Arendt  ​
Josh Arendt  ​
Caleb Baird  ​
Rob Batchman  ​
Garrett Bevis  ​
Evan Brinson​
Brian Browlin​
Kyle Brown​
Laurance Brown​
Hunter Davis​
John Davis​
Pat Davis​
Ralph Davis​
Andy Ben Deal​
Isaal Deal​
Joseph Deal​
Paul  Ehrich​
Devon Evans

Jim Evans

Ryan Evarts​

David Evarts JR ​
Dennis Faulkner​
Justin Fisher​
Drew Fite​
Jim Fringer​
Eathan Gardner​
Dan Gilliland​
Will Goble​
Collin Gray​
Gerald Haines​
Michael  Harris​
Mark Jones​
Mark Jones3​
Ted King​
Garrett Koger​
Andrew Laut​
Doug Laut​
Shawn Limpus​
John Link​
Ross McAdams​
Justin Merrick​
Richard Michael​
Jerry Millhouser​
Steve Moore​
Eleazar Mullikin​
Michael Napier​
Samuel Obenhaus​
Khonor Quails​
Isaac Randolph​
Lucas Randolph​
Wyatt Randolph​
Ray Reece​
Dan Rockafellow​
Paul Serb​
John Straughn​
Ron Taylor​
Daniel Toll​
Larry Toll​
Max Towler​
Bob Triphahn​
Jim Wallen​
JR Whinery​
Kody Whinery​
Jason Williams​
Ron Williams​
Daniel Wisdom​
Lawrence Wood​
Jackson Woodward​
Alex Worthley​
Kenneth Worthley​
Thomas Wes Young