Fall of December 2016 we were given access to 8 large cedar logs and some Red Oak.  These are some pictures along the way. 

The mugs were made during the normal RR meeting time each week.  Perhaps 45 minutes each night.  First few mugs were completed in about 4 hours.  As attendance comes and goes so does the completion of these cups.  Some of these cups were parts left over from 2 years ago when we started on them then.  Our next project will be Red Oak FCF chairs that side into each other.  Special thanks to Norm Kirsch and family for the donation of the oak for this new project and thanks to Jerry Millhouser and family for the already dried cedar.  We are currently resawing and stickering these logs for projects next year. 

Cedar - Oak - Mahongany - Pine mugs

Red Oak and Cedar drying

2 years ago wood.

It was a lot of work.

Zip file of all these pictures.

Click on a picture for a larger view.

4 huge trash bags full of Cedar bark for FCF Fires!

Teaching safety and Resawing

Some really nice 4' long boards

A gift of a bandsaw just keeps on giving. Thank you!

1" resaw blade with 3 teeth per inch. Makes resawing nice.

Stickering the Cedar on boards so they will dry.

Using push sticks and safety gear. 1" blade allows resawing

cups and chair legs on the table

Each cup a free design.

Red Oak that has been stored for many years in a garage attic.

Camping gear organization

A chair out of one piece of oak! Chainsaw fun!

Learning how to finish!

These young men need more than just a digital challenge.

Nice Logs huh!

Closing devotions by young men to young men.

Cedar is so beautifully wild!

Danish Oil finish

1st prototype cup was to thick...

Some cups in progress! Show up guys so we can get these done.

Mohagany Red Cedar and Western Cedar adn Pine

I love a shinny finish!

Cup with final finish on it in the paint booth.