Ranger Kids Day Camp 2010 at Ozark AOG in Ozark, Missouri

I don't have the specifics of the day camp yet.  Will try and get them and update this report. Until then...

The Ranger Kids Day Camp came once again with much preparation by many outposts and leaders.  Ray Reece, SW Div. Director was busy the week before making calls getting loose ends rounded up and making sure all the preparations were being made for a successful event.

Friday night before the event a small group met over at the church and did some setup and checking things out to make sure they all worked.  It's exciting to see Commanders and their church families getting involved with the RR ministry.   Since Pow Wow Knights for Christ theme was again a great success the Ranger Kids Day Camp followed suit.  Almost all the events carried a knights name and a skill they would need to become a great knight for Jesus Christ.  The weather was perfect for a few water events with waterslide and water balloons to cool us all off with.  Form swords were a hit "literally" and physically.  The rope bridge challenged the boys and the many other events were all fun and a challenge for these young Royal Rangers.

The JLTA Elite Rangers were there with sabers to do a outstanding job presenting the colors and helping out on the events.  A great day of fun and challenge and James Evan Jr. brought forth the devotion.  Good job James!  We thank all you fine young men that give and serve.  I think there was a little over 100 in attendance and we were all blessed by ministry that was going on around that activity.

Mark Jones, SW Div. Promotions Coordinator