April 18th - 19th, 2014. Good Friday of Easter Weekend.    Click on a picture for a larger view.
Temps were in the low 48 to a high of 74 during the day with mostly sunny skies.

20 people from various Churches combined resources on this trip to enjoy a short
1/2 mile backpack at Kyle's Landing up to Indian Creek Trail. Then base camped arriving just before dark.

Camp was busy with hammocks going up and tents and even one just roughing it out in the open.
Camp fire was quickly brought to a blaze after shelters were placed.

The great Yonke / Batchman cook off in on full blast between Rob and Dave cooking some of the best steak you have ever ate. Yup marinated and cooked over the fire. WOW! I snagged a piece of the plate as it made its way around the campfire. My steak n shake chili paled in comparison but I hung tough and waited for that passing plate.

Rob brought the council fire devotion with 19 of us sharing and listening and eating and cooking during the process. Several batches of microwave pop corn (use really buttered kind it's best).

Then around 11 pm we all headed to our shelters. I had brought my msr hubba hubba and my luxury lite cot and my thermorest pad and I was sleeping in comfort on this trip. I could look out through the screen door and see the campfire and Gavin laying out around the fire. Soon it was quiet and all was well.

Saturday morning the birds were chirping just before the sun was coming up and o what a perfect day. At 7:00 am I got up and brought my stuff to the campfire ring and started my iolite stove and had coffee as others started showing up. It was a perfect morning. The day after the biggest victory ever the price that was paid at the cross for all our sins yesterday, today and tomorrow...all paid once and for all for those that believe in Jesus and what He did there and rest in Him.

Soon the 19 were up and breakfast was in full motion. Bacon and eggs, donuts, juice, coffee, hot chocolate, trail bars you name it.

I had the privilege of the morning devotion talking of Was it really necessary for Jesus to come and die on the cross? Talked about how Holy, Justice, Loving God is. Ended with John 3:16 and then we packed out at 9:00 am right on time back to the vehicles.

Soon we were over at Steel Creek about 11 miles away at the put in point. The campground was full and the put in place was very busy people waiting in line to hit the water. We had 5 canoes and 10 Kayaks on the water.

The float was perfect. The water was cold but not real cold. I think we had about 14 of the 20 flip several times in the river with one record of at least 6 times. Flipping is part of it. The fun and the challenge. Sure it's a inconvience. Yup it's cold. Yet it's a challenge. It's a tale to tell.

2/3 of the way down river we stopped at the Jumping Cliffs for challenges and fun. Lots of fun for sure. Then a short distance to Hemmed in Hollow Falls a 1 mile hike up and 1 mile back down to the tallest water fall between the Appalachian and Rocky mountains.

At the falls one of our group slipped and fell and bruised her hand and her neck so we treated with prayer and ice. Those moss/slimed rocks are slick.

Down river to the take out point at Kyle's Landing at 4:10 pm. Quickly drove over to the put in place to retrieve vehicles to my surprise I forgot my brother in law back at the take out point.

On the return trip to the take out point. We packed up all our gear and Ron took my brother in law back to his vehicle while we packed up the trailers and would meet them up at the top. The road down to Kyle's is steep and gravel. 3 miles of turns and twists and steep.

At the top the canoe trailer burst a tire and we changed it at the AG church at the top of the trail.

Trip was good. If we had rented canoes and kayaks this trip would have cost us 600.00 in fees so the 40.00 tire the 18.00 canoe paddle and the 35 dollar kayak paddle was cheap in comparison. Special thanks to Rob Batchman for offering to split this cost with me. I praise God for a great time and for the blessings that went forth.

Mark Jones