SW Division of the SOMO district Derby Races were held at Evangel Temple on March 26th, 2022.  

 It was a great day of fun and fellowship with 10 churches participating.  140 regular wooden derby cars were entered and 34 LEGO cars were also raced. Some of the LEGO derby cars were built at the event.  Thank you to Pastor John Davidson, lead pastor of Evangel Temple for the devotional message and to a host of Ranger leaders that made the event run smoothly with fun and laughs for all ages.  We had a nerf gun shooting gallery free to those that got a ticket by talking to one of the pastors at the event. Thank you to all who supported the concession stand fundraiser for the “For the Children” ministry.  They were very happy with the results of the fundraiser raising over $1400.  Please let me know what suggestions you have to improve the event for next year.  We already know we need to speed up the registration process, perhaps making two lines of registration. Thank you again Ranger Leaders. You are doing a great work. 

 Dan Rockafellow, SW Divisional Director

Video by Broc Wales of this Derby Race.

Click on a picture for a larger view.  Thanks to Dan Rockafellow and team for sharing these pictures with us.  Zip file of all these pictures