Compton Trailhead Cabin Campout and Scramble and Back   Temps were amazing at 45 for a low and 68 for a high with a sunny day and almost no wind.  This generally is our FREEZE if you PLEASE Busiek State Park -4 degrees last year campout where we learn about cold weather camping...maybe next year!

February 17th and 18th, 2017.  8 men and young men go out and Backpack one mile in the dark to a Cabin base camp down on the Bench Trail. Next day they day hike and do some billy goat scrambling down to the Top of Hemmed in Hallow Falls.  Then around the bend then back to the Falls then up stream from the falls.  Then up, up , up and east 1/2 mile to the bench trail.  Then down to Fish Trap Hollow.  Turn around and back to base camp at the cabin.  2:00 pm we headed out with our Backpacks on and hit the trail head and up to the outfitter store for ice-cream and sodas.  We had such a good time.  Laughing and hiking about 5 miles with two 600 feet elevations in and out.  Some steep elevation changes made this partial bushwhack with day packs on a hike of adventure and challenge.  The young men enjoyed jute cord fire starters.  Braiding yuka plants and charing natural materials and filtering water and cooking around the campfire.  We had a great time. 

Click on a picture for a larger view. Thanks to Mark Jones and Rob Batchman, Joshua Pennekamp and Steve Pullis  for sharing the pictures.

Base Camp 1 mile from the Vehicles

6 tents and one leaf bed

Getting ready to head out on our day hike

Only flat spot for quite a while

Steve's maiden voyage REI backpacking tent

Old cabin was still being used in the 1900's

Lots of firewood around

Day hike down down down to the Top of the falls.

It's a scramble

Boucing from tree to handrails here.

Breaking a sweat going downhill.

rest breaks along the decent

Wow the over look

We have base camped here it's a trek to get here.

200 feet down behind them

Fear of heights can make you go verdigo!

Great group of Explorers

looked like a ram's head

Scrambling up away from the falls.

600 feet of elevation change topo showed we could do this.

Ready for the Backpack out.


13 Yesterday!

Rob and his poses!

This guy is like my second son. Trail Music as well!

Awesome view!

Trail Rangers!

Filtering water

2 guys backpackig. God is good!

Stuff we do to sleeping folks!

He hauled his trail guitar the whole way. Songs and music!

The view over the Buffalo River Valley is awesome

This part of the trail is close to the edge. Must keep the boys cautioned always.

Young men need a challenge to grow properly

Getting ready to leave the trail. Checking the topo lines.

Firecraft is a fun skill and we all need to respect fire.

A good topo of the canyon 900 to 2300 elevation change

The whole 24 hour trip.

Steve overlooking the Top of Hemmend in Hollow Falls