2008 Springfield Sections Pinewood Derby Race Report and Pictures.

Thank you to all who attended and worked to make the Springfield Sectional Pinewood Derby the best PWD yet.   We had a great turnout for the Springfield North and South Combined Sectional Pinewood Derby.  I estimate that there were 500 rangers and spectators.  The gym at Nixa Assembly was full.  We had special activities along with the race to keep the boys busy when they weren't racing.  A paint ball target shoot was set up outside and we had 1300 rounds of ammo shot. 
There was a "Meet the Pastor" area set up for boys and girls to talk to pastor Charles Bowser or Jim Dougherty.  
At the "Meet the Pastor" 81 boys and 5 girls were talked to and prayed with. 3 boys prayed the sinner's prayer for the first time.  Praise the Lord!!!!  Glory to God!!!
All of the guests to "Meet the Pastor"  received a coupon to shoot the dart gun.  The dart gun booth was set up in the storage area for safety and the participants wore safety glasses.  At the dart gun booth the Rangers could shoot darts from the air rifle and if they hit a target they received a sucker or candy.  This was very popular.
We also had an Air Ranger display of about 10 RC planes and helicopters.  The display was brought by Bob Bender and Kirk Watson from Central AOG Air Rangers program.  They also had an RC flight simulator that the boys could try.  The flight simulator was projected on the wall for spectators to see.
Nixa Assembly of God Rangers provided a great concession stand with a large selection of lunch entrees.  We also had a challenge track set up for boys to challenge their friends to a race.    We had about 48 racers make challenges.  Free beverage coupon was given to all boys in class B uniforms. 21 coupons given out.  There were 102 cars entered from the South Section and 170 cars entered from the North Section.  If you would like to see some photos and get some race results click on the following link:
Dan Rockafellow, South Springfield Section Commander

Race Results: Click on a link to see a pdf of the race results. 

Ranger Kids South    Ranger Kids North    Discovery Rangers South   Discovery Rangers North   Adventure Rangers South   Adventure Rangers North

Expedition Rangers South and North    Open South   Open North    Mpact  Leaders South    Leaders North  Unlimited South   Unlimited North

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