LEAD 2018  Where Royal Ranger Leaders gather from all around the US to lift up and sharpen our RR skills. 

February 8th -10th, 2018.  John Q Hammons Convention Center.  Approx 500 in attendance. 

Weather was cold with ice on the last day.   Morning praise and worship by Prasie AOG Worship Team.  (Excellent job)

Enjoyed the preaching by Karl Fleigh and our new AG superintendent Doug Clay.  Lots of information.  Click on a picture for a larger view.

Short video explaining modifications.

Nice comfortable friendly convention.

Gary Rowe and Rob Helfer

Selfie of Mark and Richard

Screen Shot of some tweaking of the system.

Rangers Lite'

Praise time

Everyone Needs Prayer!

Rick Barnhouse and Daivd North

Posted this on AGservices. Would help a lot of them if they used it. With out a contact list were spinning around!

Don, Steve. Jerry and Ray

Lots of visiting

Great worship services!

Doug Clay is a great speaker!

Stories that relate to us!

Praying for National Staff always!

Men with a desire to please God and do what He has called them to do.

Ranger Experiences. Each meeting needs these Experiences!


The desire to please God is paramount in this ministry.  Each of us fill our niche in this ministry.  Together we are Iron sharpening Iron.  While each time we change things it's a good idea to realize that with almost every new idea there are a bunch of failures along the way.  Spend our time doing what we know works and tweak the new stuff a bit to make it better is a good way of change.  It's good to see National Office amending programs that don't work after a time of trial.   Take heart in Jesus.  He and He alone paid the price for our Victory.  Resting in HIM and doing what we are called to do is a neat life long ministry blessing!

Mark Jones