The postponed SW Division FCF Winter outing renamed to “Sprinter Outing” was held on April 29-30- 2022 at Ozark Assembly of God.  A good time was had by all and we were blessed to be able to be outside for our evening campfire and devotional message by Rob Batchman. SW Div. Vice President Joshua Pennekamp ( Trail Traveler) did a great job on the event and meals with some good home cooked rice pudding and ice cream for Friday nights snack and homemade baked beans to go with the meat for Saturdays lunch. 12 Old timers and 17 young bucks attended and many made wooded drinking mugs  and cedar lanterns with the help of Mark Jones’ woodworking skills and tools. There was Archery, Knife and Hawk, trading, leather craft and beadwork, bow drill training also being done. 5 churches participated and there was plenty of room for more.  Thank you everyone for your part in making this a fun, memorable and Spiritually mentoring event.   Thanks to Dan Rockafellow and Mark Jones for sharing these pictures.  Click on a picture for a larger event.

Thanks SW Div. VP Dan Rockafellow for the report and hard work on making this event FUN!

Wooden Cup Crafting

Neosho Group working together

All 80 year old oak from old barn board at Pow Wow

Cedar and Pine

Walnut from air dried lumber

Perfect evening for a Council Fire

All saved and Ready for Jesus

Food Team Thank You!

Plenty of Room Thanks Ozark AOG!