Gulf Region ROTY and Commanders Conference February 3rd, 2007 Memphis TN

Results from the Regional Ranger of the Year evals.

7 boys from SOMO participated - 13 boys total from all the Districts
Daniel Tipton - AR
Ryan Reed - AR
David Huff - AR
Alex Riley - AR
Taylor Moore - AR
Vincent Finzo - ER
Daniel Persons - ER

All our boys received the higher Outstanding Rating

Ryan Reed (Bolivar) was the Regional Adventure Ranger of the Year
Vincent Finzo (Bolivar) earned Regional Expedition Ranger of the Year
Daniel Persons (Neosho) earned National Ranger of the Year

So yes, a clean sweep for SOMO! Are we proud of our boys or what!?

Personal note: What this should say to you as a leader is that "I should have my boys involved." We have a great ROTY program here in SOMO, and the boys are well prepared to advance to the next competition. Remember that we can take all the boys that earn the outstanding level - they no longer compete against each other, just a standard. All the info and test areas for next year are already posted on the National web page at Go download the forms and get your boys ready. You can send at least two boys from each age group from your outpost to the Sectional competitions regardless of their points on the ROTY app. If you have more boys that qualify, you can send more. It is a great way to recognize their hard work.

I moved on to me the Regional ROTY coordinator a couple of years back, so I really appreciate Chuck Bowser doing a wonderful job here in SOMO. It shows at the next level.

And lastly, my personal thanks to all the SOMO guys who came down to help with the regional evals. I use a mix of commanders from the five districts and SOMO really does their part.