Southern Missouri SWD Pow Wow Regatta 2011

There were so many of you doing the many jobs that make this pow wow and regatta possible it's hard to recognize you all so I can only do a few here but wanted to say thank you commanders, parents, family for all your hard work.  Each one doing what God calls them to do makes it a blessing.

The Regatta SWD Pow Wow started out with wonderful weather.  We registered 145.  We served up 110 high end rib dinners with salad, baked potato, corn and dinner roll and bug juice.  YUM.  Dan Rockafellow headed up this BIG task and laid it out in style.  Thanks Commander Dan for the 2 days of hard work.  It was delicious and at  only $4.00 per meal it couldn't be beat anywhere.

We had 12 churches represented.  We rented 12 camping sites and filled that cove area up.  Water was down a bit so we had a lot more level beach to spread out on. 

At 7:00 pm the big rib meal was served and we had a feast.   Shortly after dinner was still settling in Paul Mark from Day Spring setup the Council fire down by the shore.  Bob Sederwall from Evangel Temple with 2 young men dressed in Indian head dress and outfits that were going to cross the cove in a canoe with torches (the lightning was dancing across the sky so we opted out on the canoe) came out from behind the cardboard salvage trailer with 2 lit torches and proceeded with the fire lighting. 

With the light sprinkles and the cloud to cloud lightning what a show.  Rick Dostal from Life360 brought in the largest group with 28 present and delivered a great council fire message.  The gentle sprinkle continued through out the night.  After the council fire service each outpost could be heard around their own camp many with a camp fire sitting and talking and many in tents laughing and carrying on. 

11 pm it was time for this ole timer to hit the sack. My pickup topper had a fan, 4" thick foam pad and a Thermorest pad and sheet and sleeping bag and I got hardly any sleep... go figure.!  It's sprinkled most of the night.

6:30 am  I could hear the camp boxes being opened and folks preparing for breakfast.  The sleepy eyed Commanders and their boys moving around as quietly as a bull in a  china closet...GRIN!  Breakfast was on.  Our outpost held to the traditional Baggie Omelets and these are always good with juice.  I had a new to me Swiss Army Cook set that used a Denatured Alcohol Triangia stove so I put it to boiling water.  The web was right on on this stove it impressed me and cooked my baggie omelet up in good shape and it boiled water for a hour on one fill.  I was like a little boy with a new toy!

Outposts brought their boats up to the racing area and prepared for the many antics.  Judges were picked just before the morning council fire service and Commander Jones lined out the last few jobs with folks. 

Evangel Temple set the morning council fire adrift on it's cardboard box and Simon Tanner (Rick Dostal called for the fire to be lit).  Once again the Lord Blessed us with a great morning devotion and call to serve Jesus. 

The RR National Office had several Commanders attending with their outposts and we all just had a great time. 

Regatta Race Results (Click on this link)

8 minute Youtube video of a part of the race!

Day Spring Pictures Link

Evangel Temple Pictures Link

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