2008 December Springfield Sections Pinewood Derby Crafting Lockin

We had a great time.  December is a funny month for planning. We probably average about 60 at this event.

This year we had 28 attend.  However it was much more relaxing with the smaller numbers.  Several new things

were added this year as well.  A paint spraying booth.  A paint curing box.  A special way to polish the axles and

all kinds of tips were given.  Several boys earned the Model and Design merit as well as going home with a car ready

for the race.  Special thanks to Sectional Commanders Travis Hendon and Dan Rockafellow for organizing this event.

Hope to see you at the races in February. 

Click on a picture to get a larger view.


Paint curing box plans can be downloaded at this link:  http://readyrangers.tzo.com/Paintcuringbox.pdf