Southern Missouri District Royal Ranger, Ranger of the Year Events Reporting in at the Section Level!  Here is some reports and parts of events coming in over the District.


Flat River, St. Louis, Sullivan Sections Reported in with 7 boys at the Section Level.  GREAT JOB! Pictures at the end of the pictures!


Congratulations to all who participated in the combined North and South Springfield, West Plaines, and Joplin Sections Ranger of the Year.  Everything was on schedule because of a faithful hard working group of dedicated Ranger leaders.  THANK YOU LEADERS!!  A special thanks goes to the Bolivar 1st Assembly team that hosted the event this year.  Well done!

We had a total of 40 Rangers that went through the evaluation process and I was impressed with the top notch Rangers here in SW MO.  Out of that 40 we had 16 Outstanding Sectional Ranger of the year and 17 Excellent Sectional Ranger of the year medallions awarded.  
After the event we had some fun and shot 4000 rounds of paintballs in paintball games against each other.
We took orders for ROTY name badges, however, if you didn't order yet and want to just send your order to District Commander Jerry Millhouser at . Let him know if you want them for OUTPOST or SECTION and what age group.  

Now is the time to start preparing for next years Ranger of the Year.  If you participate you will improve the effectiveness of your Ranger ministry. 
The information is already on the national web site.
Dan Rockafellow
South Springfield Section Commander
417-833-3994 H
417-864-8623 W
417-839-8451 C