Log Cabin History as of 12-09-2021

History collected so far:

2018, plans were put in place to move the Jonathan J. Headrick Cabin (circa 1859) from its original eastern location.  Starting in 2019, the cabin was disassembled log by log, tagged and stacked at the new location.  The lower logs had deteriorated beyond repair and were in need of replacement. In the spring of 2021, the new foundation was installed by Don Bixler, Jerry Haines and Howard Hawk. The bottom 6 logs (7 inches thick by 17 foot long oaks) were donated, cut, notched and set by Michael Harris. A volunteer crew arrived on a work week and the logs were soon up and the cabin was underway. Michael Harris, Carl Conrad and Mark Jones installed the wire for chinking as well as placing in the mortar between logs.  Jerry Haines and Don Bixler spent many days adding the floors, lofts, rafters and porch doors. They also installed the windows, electrical and a waterline.  By September of 2021 the cabin's outside was finished with the mortar and closed in from the elements. The cabin was used as a Trading Post for the 2021 FCF Riverman Territorial.   Thankfully, many people contributed to this relocaton/restoral process. With God's help, many days of work by lots of individuals have restored this cabin for use in Royal Ranger Ministry.  Thanks to All of you that helped in the process!  December of 2021.

Special thanks to:

Don Bixler, Michael Harris, Jerry Haines, Howard Hawk, Everet Pyatt , Mark Jones, Ray Reece, Ralph Davis, Bob Triphahn, Joshua Pennekamp, Bob Sedearwall, Carl Conrad, Marshall Jones, Dan Rockafellow, Frank Reed, John Pryor, David Julian, Don Arendt, Josh Arendt, James Albin, Craig Kelley.  John Bell and his Wife and Son Jackson.   (If we miss anyone a new plaque can be carved with the updates very quickly)

Compiled by Mark Jones 12-09-2021 Click on picture for a larger view.  Zip file of all these pictures.