Fall Trace 09-17-2022 Camp Millhouser in So. Mo District. 

Click on a picture for a larger view!  Download of all these pictures.  Special thanks to Dan Rockafellow for sharing these pictures with us. Pictures at bottom of report!

FCF Stage with new roof!

Young Buck took home some major prizes!

Camp Millhouser Entrance!

Just wanted to say thanks to all that made this event happen. Thanks to our Chapter President Ralph Davis and team for putting this event together as one of our Divisions was not able to do so this year. Thanks to Don Bixler for getting us the patches as he has since long before I came here as well as the many years of matching funds for so many projects on our Royal Ranger Campground. So many faithful folk doing work behind the scenes to make these things happen.  Paul Stanek "American Eagle" was our Council fire Speaker. Jackson Bell did our morning devotion. A job well done by all!

The young bucks made out like fat rats on this event. So many folk had other things they were doing this Fall Trace. We had huge prizes given out. Black powder rifle, Braziers, Hunters frock as well as many more donations that came forth from the Members. I passed out prizes from a box that had several hundred dollars worth of cool stuff in it that had been donated from past members.

We invited the Northern Missouri District Folk to our camp and enjoyed fellowshiping with them as well as the Kansas District folk. Sharing the event with them is always fun and keeps our Chapters stronger.  From the pictures it looks like one of the No. Mo. Young Bucks won the Black Powder Rifle.

We had 40 in attendance. 34 Ole Timers and 6 Young Bucks. Each brought a event fee and contributed toward prizes, camp fees, patch fees and insurance and camp up keep. Our 175 year old log cabin that was moved was put to use this weekend with the camp store inside. Looking up and seeing that cabin/chapel/store being used to Reach, Teach and Keep, Life Long Servant Leaders for Christ once again warmed my heart. Yes some of those event fees will help out on that cabin. I think we have about $7000.00 in that cabin restoration. So giving goes the distance today and for eternity.

Weather was warm with the highs in the mid to upper 80s. No rain was a blessing this year. We had a nice breeze most of the time. It was a perfect weather weekend for ANYTHING!

Missions Offering was once again discussed to give half to a missionary and half to the campground. Our funds in hand was about 1300.00 with another 1300.00 pledged. So we voted to give 1/3 to Missionaries David Julian and Jermiah Hembree and the last 3rd to the Camp Millhouser.

Event Competitions:

Council fire Friday night Alex Styles won a Hunters Frock.  Saturday night was Evan Harris.
BEST OVERALL  young buck was Luke White and he received a black powder rifle.
Knife Throw
old timer Kyle major
Young buck 1st Pl., Alex styles 2nd Pl., Jackson Bell 3rd Pl., Walter flowers

Hawk Throw
ole timer first place Craig Kelley first place Tim Bowman there was a two-way tie
First place Luke white 2nd Pl., Walter flowers 3rd Pl., Alec styles
Horn Blowing
ole timer Kyle major 36 seconds
Young buck Evan  Harris 33 seconds

Flint and Steel
ole timer Craig Kelley 7.07 seconds
Young buck Luke white 9 seconds
2nd Pl., Alex styles 19.11 seconds
Third-place Evan  Harris 20.15 seconds

1st place Corey Harris
Young bucks first place for Jackson Bell second place was Evan Harris

Black Powder
ole timer Tim Bowman
young buck first place Luke white 2nd Pl., Alex styles 3rd Pl., Luke Palmer

Mark Jones, Daniel Boone Chapter FCF Company Clerk Click on a picture for a larger view.