Southwest Division Regatta 2013
August 9th-10th, 2013 Mutton Creek Campground and Cove East.  Click on a picture for a larger view.  Special thanks to Ron Squires and Rob Batchman for sharing the pictures with us!!

A special thanks goes to Dan Rockafellow for his delicious meals at the Regatta. A big thank you to Mark Jones for coordinating the Regatta Race. Richard Michael, the Lord used you in delivering great devotionals. Thanks to the District Staff who helped with serving the meals. Finally a big thank you goes to the commanders who brought their boys to the Outing. With everyone working together it turned out to be a successful Royal Ranger Event.

Ray L. Reece,  SW Division Director

So often we get caught up in the weather forecasts we loose sight that God Reigns and
the Son shines. Folks we had perfect weather. The water was up due to the heavy rains the 10 days before and the shore line was up in the tree's where the shade was. What a blessing with 80 degree days covered by the shade of the tree's. I don't remember such a beautiful weekend.

We had 55 Rib Dinners go out and about that many campers for Friday night. We were down from about 85 mainly due to the weather forecasts. Saturday we feed a herd of folk. I would venture to say we had 140 there in attendance. Even had 2 car loads of folks that were local's that just came to watch. So many faces and several Pastors there.

At Central Outpost 6 we are blessed to have a building where we can build our regatta boats as time is allowed where we can walk in and walk out leaving the boats in the process. That is a blessing for sure. Along with that each month in August our Church wants the non paid staff that includes the Ranger Leaders to take the month off. So it puts us in a real bind trying to get boys to show up to build boats. YET it works out and I have the next 3 Sunday evenings off from Rangers... what will I do?

Pow Wow pageants used a lot of cardboard this year. One of the props the small boat that was used to go between ships was once again used for Ranger Events! We sliced that boat about half way down all the way around and made 2 boats. One we called Arky that looked like Noah's Ark and the other one we called Tuggy as it looked like a tug boat. (WE Central didn't win a thing..but we sure enjoyed watching everyone else win! Woo Whoo Rangers!

The pictures are worth a 1000 words. Click them for a larger view.
Each of you deserve a BIG thanks for all you have done behind the scenes and a Special thanks to Ray Reece our SW Division Coordinator for organizing the Pow Wow and to Dan Rockafellow for a FANTASTIC RIB DINNER..YUM. Folks it's worth the drive down to get this dinner. Thanks Dan and for the Lunch as well... Ok, OK, Ok..and for my breakfast! Danno you rule! THANKS. Those breakfast Cinnamon Sugar Deep fried Donuts almost made me want to jump ship and come join ET...GRIN! Don't worry Norm. I can't resist hanging out with you Central Folk. GRIN!

Special thanks to Andy's Frozen Custard for the perfect frozen custard at this years regatta race.  We really enjoyed that custard.

Special thanks to Jerry Millhouser and Frank Reed for checking on the Lake and the location and making arrangements for the bests bargains.

What a team we have working in Ranger Ministry. You all are a blessing to me. I think I got the biggest kick this year out of one of the boys from I think Abundant life. He came up to me a aspiring pre Ranger Kid and said... I know you. Yup I saw you here the last 2 years. Good to see you. Thank You Jesus for blessing me with that conversation. It makes me tear up to be recognized and remembered. GRIN! One boy came back years later and told me something similar. Hey your the bus driver I remember you. GRIN!
You know. When God is in it. Cleaning Toilets is fun and rewarding!

Blessings to all of you.
Mark Jones, Regatta Race Coordinator


Racing Boys having a great time

Teamwork counts

Boating through the Trees

The Tank

Through the Water Balloon Gauntlet

run to the Finish Line

Water Balloon Filling Station


Fastest Boat!

this log carried boys all around the cove

Walking on water

Best Design

Nice and Shady


Floating counci fire


This boat ran 4 times

Safety and Fun

5 boats went down.

2nd fastest boat

Great fun!

Water hoooowwww!

Camping overnite

FCF Tent Drawing

Water Walkers

Mark Jones Race Coordinator

Lake was up


Kayak Safety Patrol and Cleanup

Titantic Award!

Paul Mark

Crimson House Cheering Section


Central almost got one.

A grand time was had.

Race Results:    Speed    Design    Team   Titantic