Ranger of the Year 2006   The 4 sectional Commanders, Travis Hendon and Dan Rockafellow from the Springfield Sections, Don Highinbothum from Joplin Section and Ron Squires from West Plains Section banded together to pull 34 plus staff together to give the boys and young men a grand ROTY evaluation. 

At first we had 39 signed up to come to evaluations.  Then it drop to 33 two days before and then we had 24 boys show READY for anything.  These boys and young men are some of the finest and worked hard all year to achieve the top honors. 

Outstanding was a score of 85% or better.
Excellent was a score of 70% to 85%
Participant was a score below 70%

These boys are all winners and we are very proud of them.
Pictures of the event are at the bottom of the page!!!!
N. Spfd AR Nathaniel McHaffie Central AOG Outstanding
N. Spfd AR Ryan Reed Bolivar AG Outstanding
N. Spfd AR Alex Riley Central AOG Outstanding
S. Spfd AR Taylor Moore James River Outstanding
N. Spfd DR Kaleb Breshears Bolivar AG Outstanding
S. Spfd DR Joseph Pingleton Crown Pointe Outstanding
Joplin ER Daniel Persons Victory Outstanding
S. Spfd RK Jordan Schneider TriLakes Outstanding
S. Spfd RK Nathanael Heide James River Outstanding
S. Spfd RK Andrew Schauer James River Outstanding

Joplin AR Ryler Evans Victory Excellent
S. Spfd DR Jeremiah Goldberg TriLakes Excellent
S. Spfd RK Cage Holloway TriLakes Excellent
N. Spfd RK Dakota Forrest Faith Excellent
S. Spfd RK Ben Johnston Evangel Temple Excellent
N. Spfd AR Matt Nicholas Bolivar AG Participant
N. Spfd AR Austin Forrest Faith Participant
N. Spfd AR Kaleb Pope Faith Participant
N. Spfd AR Derek Redd Bolivar AG Participant
N. Spfd DR Tyler Lockhart Bolivar AG Participant
S. Spfd DR Kyler Burgess Evangel Temple Participant
N. Spfd DR Aaron Gohr Faith Participant
N. Spfd ER Stoney Applegate Faith Participant
N. Spfd RK Ethen Lockhart Bolivar AG Participant