Pictures forth coming.


I would like to thank everyone who made our winter trace a success .We had 83 register for the event. With our speakers and guest who came in Saturday we had over 90 show up. We were able to offer several crafts this year portable stools, throwing knifes, candle lanterns, chokers & string of beads,and several leather crafts.Thanks to all the men who helped to make these crafts available for the boys by working. Thanks Larry , PJ and Ryan for presenting their personas on the military,long hunter, mountain man. Lots of great information. We had two great speakers and Friday night we had at least 12 boys rededicate or dedicate their life to Christ. Praise Jesus for these boys makes everything we do worth it. Thanks to our cooks for the food everyone ate well.And thanks to the leaders for bringing your boys.If I forgot anyone let me just say thanks to everyone for a great winter trace, I love working with everyone one of you.
Frank Reed