NE and SE Division FCF Winter Campout 2009


Hello All,
Once again we had another awesome Winter Outing. We had a crowd of 62 people and we had visitors as well. Our group of men and boys devoured 2 slow cookers of chicken and dumplings, 2 pots of chili, 120 hotdogs  100 biscuits, 120 sausage patties 11/2 gal gravy. and all the stuff that goes along with these meals I guess they were hungry.
 Our Fri. night speaker was Terry Hogan a seasoned Royal Ranger that blessed us with a message of having a made up mind and be determined to follow Jesus.
14 Boys earned there  Leather Craft merit that was taught by Two Forks and with the help of many men they  finished the requirements.  It was a great class and kept the boys interested for the entire outing.
our Asst. Scout. Jared Gamblin  gave our devotion he said that( we don't have to go to hell) it was another one of those blessings that we receive when the boys speak. He is my new scout  and he is a good one I'm excited to work with him.
We  had our featured events skeet shooting, black powder shooting, knife and hawk, the men and boys had a lot of fun even though they had to brave the cold weather.
Our annual silent auction brought in $200.00 for missions (camp grounds).
All in all I'd say that the NE SE Div. Winter Outing was a blast.
Here's a few pictures
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