October 13th - 17th, 2021.  Wow what a great event!  Once we all got past the registration process we had a great time.  The hot topic of online registration was I tried it 3 times and I just now on the last day of the event got a e-mail that said I was approved to attend.  HA!  FCF members have to under go some very tough situations some times.  Company Clerk brought hard copy and extra personal permission forms to cover just in case the online faith failed.  GRIN!   Ok on to fun stuff!   If you have a report or pictures to add to this send to markjonesranger@hotmail.com


Rick Barnhouse Reporting in:

86 in attendance. 30 of those YB. 1 new wilderness member. New National and Territorial Scouts. Ryan Evarts from So. MO is our New National Scout.  Craig Kelley was Top Bobcat. SOMO won the traveling trophy this year. Bob (Two Forks) did an awesome job. Thanks to SoMo for hosting us.




More pictures after this report.  Special thanks to Mark Jones, Dan Rockafellow , Rob Batchman and Rick Barnhouse for sharing these pictures with us.  Zip File of all these pictures.


Our Territorial President, Bob Triphahn (Two Forks) once again performed his roll what seems so effortlessly as he is well gifted in all the needs of his title.  From Log Cabin builder, Grounds cleanup, constant communications for the past several months for this event.  Schedules, Registration, Prizes, Competitions, Patches, Wilderness and 1000 other things.  "To Give and to Serve" was so well displayed by example.  Thanks Two Forks for a great event.


Our Chapter was blessed by a stand in for FCF Presidents role in hosting this event.  Jerry (Gerald) Haines, (Twiggy, Flintlock} spent almost every week up at the camp grounds this past 2 months getting our Camp Millhouser camp ground up to speed on this event.  So much thanks to all of you that helped out on these hundreds of tasks to show us READY!  I could continue on with naming names but God knows you and what you have given to further His Kingdom and you will surely receive a Eternal Thanks for these efforts.  


The FCF Members that took their resources and time to come and participate in this activity is so important.  ALL of us make these events wonderful.  Your gifts of making the theme look, taste, feel like a real 1600s to 1820s camp great.  The many donations of prizes and cool hand made items are so special to Young Bucks and Ole Timers.   During our Missions Auction the joy of giving was amplified by knowing I had something that these special folk had made and I grin thinking about that.  


Our weather event was about 2" of rain spread out over Wed - Friday mid morning then the rest of Friday thru Sunday was cooler temperatures.  Where the campfires and candle lanterns kept us warm during the council fire services.  Our boys learned that a blanket or long tunic over the knees and a candle lantern placed under that would keep you from freezing in those 50 degree services.  


We were blessed by David North, (Rainman) as our speaker 3 nights and enjoyed the move of the Holy Spirit around our services and morning devotions.   When the Lord speaks to you.  Be obedient first. then second,  understanding will come.  The song services were very enjoyable with the Members from Evangel Temple playing stringed instruments and harmonicas.  (they did get lost on their way there missing their the first night but what can you expect from artisits..ha...love these young men)  Two Forks had to pinch hit a quick on demand sermon but with God's Help he did a great job.  


So many great things to say and I could go on for many more pages.  Yet our Boys had a great time.  From our Outpost perspective we saw and witnessed our FCF Motto.  "To give and to serve"


I will say that Phil's coffee cake was the best I have ever eaten.  I would give up his last name but just saying no to that for I may must get a taste again If the Town Cryer will hush up for a bit on that!!!!  


Road Kill learned I can be invisible when rain is heading our way and I am trying to get my camp dry!  Forgive me my brother.  I was doing it for the 11 in my group  ok and for me too.  Blessings.


In my humble opinion, Mark Jones, (Grin) Daniel Boone Chapter Company Clerk and Town Cryer.  Click on a picture for a larger view.


Rick Barnhouse, (Dark Horse) shared these with us.  Thanks Rick.


Pictures by Dan Rockafellow, (Tall Timber) Thanks for Sharing Dan!