A perfect Friday night and Saturday over night backpack. Pictures collected from Marshall and Evan and my camera.

We had a great time.  Hiked and backpacked about 8.5 miles total.  No rain.  Highs of 65 with lows of 40.  We figured we did 12 river crossings.  Some were over logs while others were stepping stones and others were jumping over the lazy type river.

My 20 year old son Marshall was the lead on this trip.  He did all the navigating and gps work.  I just said uhuh.  We are using a app called ViewRanger as a topo program and it works pretty slick.  Still learning it. 

We got several videos of the river crossings and some time around the camp fire. 

After a pretty good workout on this backpack we arrived back to a truck with a flat front tire.  I used a 12volt aircompressor to air it back up after no success of getting my spare tire off of my truck.  After the crash 2 years ago they never put my tubes back in so I could lower my spare tire.    We had to stop about every 7 miles and air the tire back up so we could continue on to Harrison where we got it fixed.  I will be carrying stuff to fix that next time it  happens.  Those tires have a lot of tread on them..it surprised me a rock could puncture that tire like that.

The Thundering Canyon Falls are very slick. I recommed HIGHLY to bring  treking poles unless you like slipping and falling on your can as everyone did that didn't have treking poles..even at that I almost went down 2 times.  Those rocks are slicker than ice.  The falls had more water coming down this time and it was really pretty. 

We also got to see a country mouse next to our campsite.  I amagine he had never seen anything like us before...we left him a mini muffin. 

Several of us had new gear to try out.  I just got the Huba tent.  Marshall got a new stove and head lamp.  Evan had a new tent, sleeping bag and backpack he was breaking in.  Just a bunch of hiking around and a visit to the Stone Living Room.  Pretty cool a bunch of rock arranged like a front room with recliner chairs and all.  Pretty cool place.


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