SW Div Pow Wow and Card Board Boat Regatta 2010  August 14th at Mutton Creek Park on Stockton Lake

Praise the Lord for the success of the SW Division Pow Wow and Boat Regatta.  On Friday night there were around 150 who camped.  We enjoyed a rib dinner and at the council where I spoke five boys responded for Salvation.  During the night we got around an inch of rain.  Saturday morning we ate breakfast in our individual camps.  We began to prepare for the boat regatta.  Rob spoke in the morning devotion.  The night before I was asked to baptize one new commander.  At the invitation of Rob, 32 more boys came forward for baptism.  So with the help of others this was accomplished.  Thank God for all the wonders he performs.  There were well over 150 in attendance on Saturday.

 Ray L. Reece

SW Div. Director

Special thanks to David Hines and Rob Batchman and Paul Mark for the pictures. 

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