2006 FCF Daniel Boone Chapter Fall Trace at Doug Laut Farm near Fredrickstown, Mo.

83 old timers or young bucks  in attendence.  After many hours driving we arrived at a big farm that had a lake and a huge pasture away from all site of any buildings.  We setup camp and got out our neat fronteir goods and put on our outfits and enjoyed some stew right out of the kettle.  More fellowship and fun.  Friday night we had an awesome council fire we were challenged to Reach even farther and bring souls into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. 

The chill set in around 2:00 am and it was the coolest night of the summer.  The sun soon arrived with sounds stiring of all the events that would take place that day.  We had 16 applications for Buckskin and 13 showed up.  FCFers were lined up before the Company Clerk could get setup to take monies and addresses and pictures and dues.... and a hard time by all!    We got er done! 

The day was spent in competitions and the Buckskin Applicants were stressing over the new testing proceedures as well as the staff.  Shots were heard, hawks were thrown, knives where stuck and flint and steel could be heard and shouts of  fire as the competitions went on...  You will just have to hear the rest of the story in the powder horn!