Here is the information on the SW Division Cardboard Boat Regatta held on August 10-11, 2018:


Thanks to all who attended and to those who worked to make this event successful.


Ray L. Reece

SW Division Director

Top Trophy Team

Video on Youtube of the race.               A Zip File of all these pictures

We had Perfect Weather (THANK YOU JESUS) with 26 boats Racing.   11 Churches Represented.  124 for Friday nights   111 for Dinner.  175 on Saturday for the racing with 111 lunches.   Dan Rockafellow kept us shouting Glory with Ray and Linda Reece's preparations for Food treats.  Thanks Andy's Frozen Custard for once again blessing us with Ice Cold Frozen Custard at the Regatta Location.  Rob Batchman blessed us with 2 great services and as always closer than a brother helping me all along the way to make boats and get them there and setup and take down and unload.  Wow!  Richard Michael and Rob as usual had everyone laughing hard at their antics as they tried to explain what the boys were doing out there in the middle of all that racing.    Many of you I could just keep on telling of the good you have done and I would forget someone but know.  God knows and it's all for His Glory and Eternity.  Thanks for letting me Serve.

Some Race Stats:
Boat Name:                      Church Name:                              Trophy for:  RK- DR  and AR - ER

Yellow Submarine             Life360 Church                             3rd n Speed​
D712-25                            Life360 Church                             2nd n Titanic​
SS Minnow                        Abundant Life Assembly of God   2nd n Speed​
Jolly Ranger                      Abundant Life Assembly of God   1st in Team Work​
USS Pastor Daren Roten   Ozark Assembly                            1st n  Design 1st Team 1st Speed​
Gummy Bear                     Ozark Assembly                            3rd n Speed​
USS Pastor Daren Roten   Ozark Assembly                            2nd n Design​
Shark Attack                     Branson 1st A G                            1st n  Design​
Bana                                 Evangel Temple                            1st n Titanic​
Had to give out several deductions on points for duck tape hulls, Foam in boats and jumping out of the boats to early before reaching the landing area.

Click on a Picture for a larger view.  Special thanks to:  Dan Rockafellow, Rob Helfer, Rob Batchman, John Hicks for sharing the pictures with us.  Thanks each outpost for your help with running the races and cleanup.  Our Team did a outstanding job this year.  Thank each of you.  Did i  mention 2 boys raised their hands for Salvation at Friday nights council fire service. 

Mark Jones, Regatta Coordinator

Pictures by Dan Rockafellow


Pictures by John Hicks.  Click on a picture for a larger view.