Southern Missouri, South West Division, FCF Winter Campout.  01-21-2006  Sand Stone Ridge District Commanders Farm.

31 men and boys.  Completed Red Rope Craft and Green Knife and Hawk merits.   Weather was pretty good, a little rain, lows were in the 30s highs in the 50 degree range. 

 I became the new owner of a neat custom made bakers 12x12 tent with about 6-16 foot poles and 10- 8 foot poles.  When I brought it home and was showing my wife my GRAND treasure...she stood there with her hands on her hips and said....your not putting that on my side of the garage....(now dear...its' only for a few days.... even bigger grin)  I had dreams she was kicking me out of the house last night...even bigger grin! 

We had a great time of fellowship and fun.  Richard Michael really put on a neat council fire with some great singing from Greg Persons and Pastor James Link.  Pat Davis our SW Div FCF Vice President did his normal OUTSTANDING job of getting all of this together and showing us a great time.