What a 22 hour backpack.  Yes sir.  Even these 6 young men didn't care that we had a 90% chance of rain on Friday and 80% on Saturday.  They wanted to

enjoy the benefits of saying there is no such thing as bad weather only bad gear.  Click on a picture for a larger view.  Temps in 50 to 60 degree range.  October 10th -11th, 2014. 

Pack weights,  Mark 50 lbs, Ernie 31  lbs, Marshall 25 lbs, Garret 32 lbs, Joshua, 21 lbs, Alex 25 lbs. 

We had over 2 inches of rain and had flood warnings from the rain before we left.  We wanted to see the falls with lots of water in them.  Indeed we did.

We took the Tower South trail down to the first Long Creek crossing. 2 miles.  Sat up base camp and built a fire.  Everything was wet so it was a test to get a fire going.  Cedar trees make it happen.  It was misting rain until we went to bed at about 8 pm.  Then rained steady with some down pours all night long.  The trails turned into  small creeks and every step was slick.  Big rock surfaces brought all but 2 of us down.  Even with trekking poles it was slick.

After breakfast from our tarps.  We crossed Long Creek at 9:35 am and hiked over to the Falls.  Marshall and Ernie carried their backpacks for training for the 25 miler we do next month.  Joshua brought a tarp with him and when me made the falls stretched out the tarp and provided a rain free refuge for lunch.  Everything was soaking wet.  All the foliage was wet and with out the proper gear one would be soaking wet from head to toe.  Temps were in the 50 degree range and it got kinda cool at lunch time. Yet our hike back to base camp warmed us up and the trip back up to the tower was a lot of up at a constant up over 2 miles.  Total trip was about 7 miles.    Fun, challenge, testing.

Falls  video.    Rob's council on staying home when it's raining and some gear talk video link.

We stopped at the little store in Chadwick for a cold soda and was back in Ozark by 1:30 pm.  Quick trip with lots packed in.

Total Trip about 7 miles. 500 drop and 500 rise

Even with the rain and the wet conditions. It was still fun.  It's always fun.  Even in weather like this.