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Compass Course Setup

Materials Needed: 11 Wal-Mart tent stakes with  orange plastic top. 1 box of 12 canning lids about 3" diameter. 300 feet of nylon line and spool and bucket and scotch tape, hammer, 100' steel tape measure.  Drill 3/8 hole in center of jar lids(drill all 12 at same time leave in box, mark corner to corner for center) Then mark each jar lid Letters A-K( I put the same letter on each jar lid 4 times so they could see it from any direction) slide the lid onto the stake and put 3 wraps of scotch tape around the stake to hold the lid on.  Put it all in a bucket and your ready to set it up.

Compass Course Setup Stretch a 300 foot line straight on a perfect east to west heading.  Put the stake A at point the beginning of the East side of the line (0 feet or A position) Then measure 30 feet along the line and put stake B.  Then repeat placing points C-K .  If all is right K will be at the 300 foot location. 

        0        30            60        90        120        150          180        210      240        270  300

How far is your stride?  Formula: Have each person walk from point A to point K counting the number of steps they take; __________________(number of  steps) Take this number and divide into the number of inches in 300' which is  3600 inches = _______________ inches,  this is your stride  Here is an example using a 300 foot length.
300' x 12" = 3600"  I counted 110.2 steps.  So I divided  110.2 / 3600      is my  stride of  32.66"
For this test the Stride Sheet is mighty handy.
A example of how to find your way.  On your small slip you will find the starting point.  Lets say it is the letter G.  So you find G on the 300 foot straight rope and dial in your first heading, then calculate your number of steps lets say it says go 50 feet on 270 degrees heading.  So I would take 50 x 12 =  600 inches and divide that by 32.65" and that tells me I must go 18.4 steps on the dialed in heading of 270 degrees so turn your compass so it is pointing north and take off on your direction of travel.  Then repeat these steps for any other heading and distance readings.

For the sake of ease I recommend your course distance use distances in lengths of 25 feet.  Have each person figure out how many steps it takes to go 25, 50, 75 and 100 feet and then build your compass course around this 25 foot measurement    This will save a lot of time in the field calculating different distances.  (See the following Stride sheet for these calculations)